Lets figure it out together

With our network we offer everything relevant to dance.

If you have ideas for a specific format, please send us a message. In an exploratory meeting we can see what we can do with it together.
If you want to register as an ambassador or volunteer, do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re in this together

Working with us means you’re a valued part of the Danceworld community. Our team organizes a multitude of social dance events and streaming lessons. Are you in fashion, sign up too. At DanceWorld we believe in creativity, passion and people.

Come on board and lets exchange ideas.

- Danceflixx streaming

Online lessons
Would you like to teach online dance lessons? Live or on demand? Send us a message!

Online movie productions
We think of small films in which established dancers shine.
Realizing a movie production involves several steps, including:

Developing a concept or story/ Securing funding/ Assembling a team/ Pre-production:/ Production:/ Post-production/ Marketing and distribution

- DW Fashion Centre

Brand designers
We also sell your clothing and accessories.
If you want to add your clothing to our stock, send us a message.

- Events

Ideas for an event or just want to organize in partnership, let us know.

Organizing a festival entails. 
Develop a concept/ Find a venue/ Book performers/ Promote the event/ Coordinate logistics/ Create a schedule/ Ticketing and registration/ Manage staff and volunteers.
We can support most of these points of attention.

Just to keep in mind.
We organize worldwide.

Are you ready? Jump into our world of creativity

Our industry is constantly changing. That’s why we are looking for talented and passionate people who are able to follow and set new trends.

Interested? Apply now!

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